What blogging means to me

Writing has always been a way for me to conquer fears, learn truths and explore ideas. First and foremost it has always been my personal, secret thing, and I never want to show anyone my early drafts--or even finished products for that matter.

I created my first blog when I was nine years old. It was called Klubb Play and it was all about doing things that make you happy (aka playing) and not listening to teachers when they tell you otherwise.

Yeah, I've always had strong opinions on what well-lived lives are like and never liked how the school system works.

But the point is that I wrote about my little experiences because I couldn't find anyone in real life who'd listen. The internet has given many people voices. People who otherwise would keep their opinions and adventures to themselves have a way to share them with the world. So whether I'm a 9-year-old kid, and even a 19-year-old kid, the internet is a place for me to put thoughts to action.

A blog gave me a voice then. I was a shy, awkward, scared and self conscious little girl, but words were much easier to write than speak out loud.

As of late I've also realized that I don't only write for myself.

My stories obviously aren't only for me, as I'm trying to promote them to the world the best I can.

But neither is my blogging.

I blog because people read my blog. I write my lessons learned and experiences gained to influence and inspire. I write because I know my words have a bigger meaning. I have a bigger meaning.

For years I've struggled with figuring out what my purpose is. I mean, I've always been aware of things I like to do and am interested in. But choosing one has been the issue.

I blog because it's a HUGE window into the world. I blog because it makes me think, it makes me formulate my thoughts, it forces me to keep working toward my goals even when I don't feel like it, and it's brought some incredible, talented people into my life.

Blogging is more than my daily life. It's daily life in search of a deeper meaning, a purpose and a place in the world.

And I couldn't think of a better person to share my journey with than you.

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