The 6-year-old has got it all under control

yeah the horizon is all crooked. Let's just say it reflects my mood ðŸ™ƒðŸĪŠ

I had a really good, inspiring, brain-emptying walk/run. It was super cold, but now it feels like my brain has been fully recharged after a day of stupid university assignments and worrying about finances and other adult stuff.

On days like this I could get all sad and miss my childhood, which would also come extremely naturally to me. But instead I decide to be grateful to be following my dreams and look at all the boring adult things through that hyper and over-energized inner 6-year-old's eyes.

She's always got it all under control. Just smiling at everything even when she doesn't fully understand, and never giving up because her life is all ahead of her. Nothing can ever stop a 6-year-old with her mind set on getting something ðŸ˜„

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