We have 11 years left on Earth

Lincoln at night. Don't know who owns the photo, but not me anyway :)

I can't wait to be living here, seeing this sky, walking these streets. 

My home city used to fill me with joy and wonder, but now all I see is construction site after construction site, a murky sky, trash covered streets and soggy, gray snow.

Lincoln probably isn't the most perfect place on Earth, but I can't wait to escape there and find out.

The fact that scientists say our planet only has 11 more years left has occupied my mind today. I've struggled with such a simple task as breathing, and spent hours daydreaming of lush forests, silent beaches, lonely cliffs and ancient structures.

Few things make me sadder than imagining a world without those things.

Why are we ruining this beautiful planet? Why are we filling the atmosphere with gasses and the oceans with plastic? Why are we making each other suffer? Why are we continuing to live so wastefully?

Our winters up in the north are getting shorter, and our summers hotter. It feels like we have more rainy days than ever, yet last summer our squirrels and hedgehogs were starving and dying of thirst.

We're killing Earth.

People who already deal with poverty have to escape their homes because of floods, storms and extreme weather conditions. We really do not need any more refugees in the world.

Diseases will spread more easily, resources will become more scarce, and the beautiful, unique wildlife of my wonderful Scandinavia will be cut down by the animals and insects migrating north when it gets hotter. Ticks and mosquitoes don't like cold, but they thrive in warm, wet climates, and so do insect borne illnesses. I'm honestly scared.

Photos of plastic in the ocean makes me feel sick, but we're also destroying our forests, and tens of thousands of animals and are dying, most of them indirectly. For example, when rain comes much earlier and then freezes, particularly reindeers in this case will starve to death when they can't dig for food. Not to mention the estimated 5 million people who will die.

How are you saving the world in your own way? I want to believe that every little act counts. Maybe that will help me stop moping and do something productive tonight.

<3: Em

I wrote a Song

I wrote a song last summer about a wonderful moment last summer and I miss last summer.

Hope you love it :*

(Happy super late Valentines Day)

How to write when you don't feel like it

This is not where I tell you to have an outline, find inspiration in music or making a pinterest board. These are writers block tips that always work no matter what because they make you actually write instead of putting your attention elsewhere and essentially making you procrastinate with great, creative excuses.
Now let's get motivated to write!