A lack of good books? (Review of Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young)

I don't really do book reviews because I don't enjoy writing them, but here's an almost book review by yours truly :)

“I was the ice on the river. The snow clinging onto the mountainside.” 
- Sky in the Deep, Adrienne Young

I picked this up in a book shop in Stockholm because of the gorgeous cover, but then I read the first page and I had to buy it despite never buying hard backs because they're so expensive.

I also tend to stay away from YA books these days. I'm just not a teen anymore, and while I can relate to teenager problems, it's kind of tedious to keep reading about struggles I'm already done with. Do you get what I mean?

There's just an overflow of sucky YA and I've only gotten through five books this year because I'm in that weird phase where I hate young adult, but most adult books bore me to death. Which is horrible for someone who tries to be an author, you know... I just dislike most books these days and it's so sad.

While this book certainly had its flaws, it wasn't a disappointment. I almost read it all in one sitting because it kept me so immersed and engaged in the story. I wasn't facepalming at the stupid characters all the time or throwing the book on the floor or rolling my eyes at clunky/silly/immature prose because I just couldn't handle the childishness.

On the contrary, this book actually helped me regain some of my faith in books again, and inspired me to be writing more on my own book. These characters were neat. The dialogue felt real. It was a good book.

It would've been cool if the love interest actually had a reason to love the protagonist, but this is young adult, and you really can't expect that much of teens... xD

They say that if you can't find a book you like, it's a sign that you need to write your own. And for the past year it's felt like the signs are slapping me in the face, yelling: "Write it! WRITE IT!"

So I try, harder than ever, and hope that my book will finally satisfy my desire for a great story.

Sometimes the best things are born from a sense of lack. So maybe it's a good thing that I can't find books I love, because it's forcing me to be the creator of something better.

It's also making me seriously doubt my writing capabilities... But one step at a time, right?  

What's the best book you've read recently?

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