Defining your dream life

The city life is exciting and all, but this morning I spent some time painting with my mind, traveling into the far future and discovered some things:

1. I'll be living in a cozy farmhouse or a little cottage somewhere even more North than I already am right now.

2. Two cats, a dog (bjelkier or alaskan malamute named something russian, sami or inuit. Don't make me decide on a name yet or I'll be adopting a puppy tomorrow), at least three chickens and maybe some quails will keep me company on those bright summer nights and sunless, cold winter days.

3. Maybe I also have a cow, because cows are so close to my heart. And you really get used to the smell so fast. Seriously, city air is much worse. Cows are the whales of our meadows, and you know just how much I adore whales.

4. If I'm not actually living in Iceland, I'll make it an important thing to travel there at least once every year. I'm not sure what this weird attachment is that I have to Iceland, but I've got viking blood so let's just pretend it's my home.

5. All my days will be spent out in nature with my animals and my family, doing work around the house (because if it's an old one, it's going to take a lot of work. Wonderful, but hard, work), writing my fantasy books, making little movies here and there, and selling paintings and other works of art to pay for my adventures.

The more I let my mind wander, the more specific the image became. Now it's like a film clip I can play in my mind whenever I'm not sure what to do or how to act. I've always got an idea of what I wanted, but now it's a roadmap.

I want sunsets among the reeds. I want snowflakes in my hair and to smell like smoke after having pancakes in the woods. I want to stand on a cliff and feel the ancient spirit voices of my ancestors singing to me through the wind. I want the breeze to tug at my hair and water drops to prickle my cheeks when rain pours down.

Cow bells. Midsummer celebrations. Night swims. Sauna songs.

The scrape of skates against ice. A steaming cup of hot chocolate while buried in snow. Layers upon layers of sweaters and frozen eyelashes.

And I'll get none of it unless I work for my dreams. So get to work.

Imagine. Daydream. Write a list.

But when you have a list, don't stay so focused on the end goal that you forget about the process. Sure, it's great to think about what your life is going to look like in five, ten, twenty years. It's necessary. But even more necessary is putting in the hours to actually make it happen.

Write your book. Become financially independent and self sufficient. Learn the skills. Gain knowledge. Prepare. 

Work. Work. Work.

Dreams don't work unless we do. But if we truly put in all we have into our desires, then we'll get everything we think we deserve.

Define your success, then get there.


  1. this sounds familiar! i remember dreaming of a life so similar to what you wrote and now here i am, my daydream in manifestation (only missing some cows, but boy would i love some cows!) it hasn't been easy but sitting here reading this and thinking back to a younger version of myself with the same wishes and recognizing what i have built for myself really puts things in perspective (so thanks) :)

    1. That is amazing! I'm so happy that you're happy with your real life daydream and I hope to be there soon, too :) It's super important to write down dreams to one day read them and just feel so incredibly grateful. Like you said, it really puts things in perspective. It's happened to me before, so I'm pretty positive that this dream will become real as well.

      Thank you for commenting! Totally made my day! Even though I didn't notice until one month later... but still :D