You need a mood board. #visitNoriannd

Welcome to Noriannd! Ruled by King Corran the third, plagued by famine, inhabited by a brutal, strong-willed (and dying) bunch called Norians, covered by snow most of the year and barely warm even in the summer!

Noriannd is the middle kingdom of Nelserin, and is the  one that suffers the smallest amount of attacks from the rest of the seven kingdoms (mostly because it's such a cold, poor and miserable place that nobody cares about ruling that speck of land inhabited by corpses and skeletons.
 (images not owned by me, taken from my novel's pinterest board)

Another thing that keeps strangers away are the Aruels, with magic given to them by the god Aru  to secure humankind's survival in the Era of Hunger.

See, Norians hate Aruels and want to wipe them off the face of the earth, while the Aruels are trying to rise against the Norians to take back what once was theirs: the throne of horns.

So you probably shouldn't come to Noriannd, unless you want to die by sword, hunger or burning alive...

  #visitnoriannd  #pleasedon't

Hope you liked those little facts and that sneak peek of my own mood board, but now let's get to the real blog post :D

A mood board is something I used to not have for a really long time that I can't survive without now. It's a daydreaming tool, a writing tool, a procrastination tool... It's a way for you to return to a project after a long time without losing sight of your initial vision. It's a way for you to gather idea seeds into one place so that you can look at it when you're not that inspired and suddenly be filled with ideas.

The absolute easiest way to make a mood board is using pinterest. It's super quick to create a board, get some pins there and start gathering inspiration. There are no rules, except:

1. Keep it aesthetically pleasing.

If you hate your novel when you look at your mood board, you need to fix your mood board. Stick to the same colors, themes and feel, choose pictures that look good next to each other and just have fun!

But be firm with your vision; if something looks cool but doesn't fit the color, theme or feel, it doesn't belong in a novel. Think of your story as a movie. If the overall feel is gloomy with lots of blacks and reds, lace gloves, gleaming wine glasses and an occasional pair of shining white fangs (don't know why a vampire film was the first thing I thought of, but whatever. You know what I'm talking about), you simply can't throw in a scene with a baby blue dress and an orange hat.

Unless it's a really experimental project, but in that case the dress and the hat shouldn't be the only weird things, because experimental has a mood too, you know. Even weird things need to be weird and consistent. Consistency is key.

If you have done any world building at all for this novel, you know what the mood board should look like.

2. That's it.

Keep looking for photos that inspire you, that surprise you and that confirm the ideas you already have for this novel. Happy moodboarding! :))

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