Creative people are dumb

My day has been awesome. We made documentary style shorts in the lights and filming workshop, and it was super fun. I feel like I'm learning more now every day than I did during all of high school.

My parents and other relatives have always told me that I'm really smart. I believed them until high school, when I realized I don't have the slightest bit intelligence--meaning the type of intelligence people in our society are supposed to have.

I nearly failed all my math, chemistry and physics courses. I got the worst grades in finnish in my class (try learning finnish grammar. Even natives can't do it). I read the textbooks many times before exams, but couldn't remember a thing. I did all I could, but it wasn't enough, and I felt so stupid.

Somehow I managed to graduate, and applied for university. I didn't believe I'd actually get accepted, because I still thought I was stupid. So I spent all spring preparing for a gap year... Well, seems like I wasn't stupid enough.

I am actually not stupid at all, because now I'm getting excellent grades, I understand everything my teachers say and I don't feel lost, frustrated or dumb anymore.

Because intelligence isn't that simple.

Did you know that there are actually NINE different types of intelligence?

"So wait, all people are not the same and can't be good at the same things? Whaaat."

I love school (well, now I do). Education is important and everyone should try to learn as many things as possible.

But school also makes us think that some skills and types of intelligence are more important than others, which isn't right. School made me insecure and forced me to believe there was something wrong with me and that I needed to change to be accepted and liked.

I don't want anyone else to go through that. "Just be you" is something we hear all the time, but most of us don't follow that advice, because even though we want to, it's hard.

Sometimes we don't even know who we really are, because that's not something the world encourages us to. Get to know yourself and don't listen to the voice inside your head telling you that you should be more like this or more like that.

If you are creative, be creative. If you learn languages fast, do that. If you're amazing at math, do math.

Don't ever let yourself think that what somebody else does is more important than what you do. We're too different to be compared. Do what you love and what you're good at. If you aren't sure what that is yet, then make it your mission to find out.

I love film school and learning about storytelling, and although I was extremely unsure in the beginning, I'm learning to become more confident and show what I can do. Because I can finally do stuff! I'm not failing! Yay!

So trust yourself and strengthen your strengths. Life's too short to feel stupid and be frustrated because you aren't doing what you're meant to do. :) ♡♡

Have a happy day of running like on fire toward your dreams!


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