Comparison and Creativity

It's been a while since I really opened up about my writing struggles or wrote about my progress. I have felt like I just keep repeating myself way too much and not getting anywhere. Ever.

But I realize now better than ever that stories, like everything else in this world, has their own time and place. They can be rushed, but something else in the process will end up taking ever more time and effort later down the road.

We also can't put out stories into molds or cookie cutter forms just because it's what most stories look like. Truth is, every storytelling process is different and if you keep comparing yourself to other writers all the time, you won't get anywhere.

For me, comparison came in the form of looking at other people finishing projects and venturing into the world of publishing, while I was just always working on the same book. I felt like I needed to get this one story over with and start something new.

A couple times, that's what happened. I started my fantasy book in 2014, and during that time I've finished two other novels, some short screenplays and a novella. But nothing else felt right. I just don't have the same passion for any other project like I have for this one.

I could spend the entire rest of my life exploring this magical realm and the people who dwell in it.

But then there were also the moments where I forced myself to follow a strict structure and try to make this story fit a specific mold, just so that I could one day publish. I love story structure! I love analyzing movies and books and finding plot points and figuring out story arcs!

But that kind of structure made this specific story feel bogged down, sad and not magical at all. In any other story, YAY. But this one has a magical structure of its own.

I've loved spending all my life learning about writing techniques, honing my craft and becoming a more efficient storyteller. But I think I've arrived at a point in this journey where I need to trust the wings I've been growing for so long, and just let my words fly on their own.

I may love control. But I can't control this.

I couldn't be happier to have grown up with such a magnificent, uncontrollable beast of a story. 

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