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From other places online...

Write or Die

You might've seen me reference this website/software many times, and that's because it's a lifesaver on those "what are words and how do I write" kind of writing days. The basic idea of it is to type as fast as you can and get punished if you stop writing. I love Write or Die. It's amazing.

Uninspired Writers

Written by fellow author M.L. Davis, whose frequent blog posts provide an honest and insightful account of her writing journey. You should also follow her on instagram!

Better Novel Project

Christine deconstructs bestsellers and discovers what makes them work and what could be done better. Her website is a really nice resource for all you who are willing to make your story structure shiny!

Little Novelist

Rhianne's website is not only extremely beautiful and pleasant to spend hours scrolling through, but she also gives really good writing advice to make your writing dreams a reality.

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