Writer's block? Mindset change!

I've started writing on my novel again after a really long break, and am trying to do it like I do my art.

When I paint, I don't care about the end result at all. Painting and drawing is the thing I do to only relax and enjoy myself, and nothing else. There are no goals, no expectations and no rules.

One of my problems with writing is that I take it too seriously, put too much pressure on myself and get so anxious that I just don't do it. But I love writing this book, so I have to get past this.

So from now on I pledge to treat my novel like I treat my art journal. I'll just throw whatever paint I can find on the paper and see what happens. I'll just write whatever comes to mind and not care whether it's good or bad, because first and foremost, this story is for me, and nobody else.

Love the process, and if you don't, learn to distance yourself and return with a new mindset, more energy and new creative fuel.


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