Yes, I'm naive, stupid and reckless. That's how you find the miracles

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
 – Albert Einstein

We're told to be ambitious and never settle, and we're told to be grateful and let things be the way they are. We're told we can't get anywhere in life if we don't push ourselves relentlessly, but we're also told to not go too far with the pursuit of our dreams.

The world works so hard to confuse us, to stop us, to break us and make us stop believing. They tell us we shouldn't trust any stranger we meet, that we shouldn't be kind to someone who hasn't been kind to us first, that we shouldn't get our hopes up, because humanity just is what it is.

I say heck no.

If I want to see fairies where others see flowers, if I want to see dragons where others see crows, if I want to see sparks of magic where others see a page of words... Who am I hurting?

If I want to trust strangers even if there's a 1% chance they're a serial killer, if I want to give every human all I've got even if it means getting nothing in return, if I want to smile at people though they might stare back, if I want to go to places alone just to talk to new people even though people think it's weird... That's just who I want to be in this world, because we always regret the things we don't do and the times we stay in our comfort zones.

(and honestly, if somebody kills me because I trust them, go ahead and have a good time in hell, my friend. I'd still be kind to anyone any day)

We can't let other people define us just because they can't see miracles and opportunities. If it makes me happy, I'll be "naive" and "stupid" and "reckless".

I refuse to leave this world without seeing the miracles, and perhaps creating a couple more.

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