Sunsets on a bridge and the importance of mistakes

This is a gorgeous place we filmed in yesterday. It was so beautiful, and that was the thing that kept me from completely going into self-hate mode and giving up.

My job as a script supervisor is to check that all the actors have their props and look the same (think hair, clothes and so on) in every shot. I have to be constantly aware of everything around me and be making notes of all possible inconsistencies, problems and take up the director's comments for the editor.

In other words, my brain is being fried every day and I just have to endure it 😅

No, I actually love script supervising because I'm a very observant person and this gives me opportunity to use that superpower without having to talk much (because I can't talk and be observant at the same time... I just never learned basic social skills). It's great to be doing something that's of importance to others.

But after filming for like half an hour someone pointed out that our actor didn't have his backpack. So then we re-filmed everything. And it was all my fault.

And as if that wasn't enough of an annoyance to everybody already, then a car suddenly tried to drive over the bridge we filmed on. And then a tractor came. And a boat full of kids. And the stray dog. And more cars.

And I just kept thinking that none of this would be a problem if we had finished these shots already, but because of me we were having to go through all this trouble.

Obviously mistakes are normal and it could happen to anybody, but i've told you before that I have a massive fear of disappointing other people, so this hit me hard.

I tried to remind myself that it's just a part of the process and that I can't be expected to be perfect the first time I try something. I tried to remember that by this experience I'd learn to handle disappointment and be more aware next time.

Messing up is so valuable to our growth.

So yeah, I want to go hide in a cave, but I won't. I messed up, and it sucks, but it's a great thing for the future me.

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