5 Lists to Make on a Down Day

Whether you're having a bad day or feeling like you aren't enough, you need to be able to make yourself smile again and not let little moments bring down an entire day that could've turned out awesome.

I've noticed that when I start a day off on the wrong foot and then actively try to make it better, it always turns out to be one of the best days of the month. There's something about overcoming your own brain's negativity and filling your mind with positive vibes and happy thoughts that makes an ok life into an incredible one.

So here are five short, little lists you can make to make yourself smile on a those rainy days.

1. A list of people who need you in their lives

Make this list of 5-10 names and then make an effort to remember these people somehow during the day. Write them a note, send them a cheerful message, hug them. They need you, and you need them too!

2. A list of places that make you happy

After making this list, think about how you could show these places to the important people in your life, or how you could make these places even better.

If you love your local library, be nice to the staff and thank them for organizing your favorite books every day. If there's a park you enjoy sitting in, pick up trash from the ground so that it looks better every time you visit.

3. A list of things you're good at

When we feel like we aren't good enough at things, we need to remember that we are good at so many other things.

It's impossible to be amazing at everything in the world, but sometimes it's important to remind ourselves that we're pretty awesome at singing in the shower, making the silliest jokes and baking cupcakes.

These should be things that don't make much difference to other people, but make you love spending time with yourself.

4. A list of random things that could make you happy any day

I have a page in all of my journals dedicated for random things that make me happy. It could be peanut butter ice cream, the fourth season of The Office, smelling books, walking out in nature, dipping your feet in a puddle, reading puns online.

By having this list close at all times, you never have to worry about not being able to snap from sad to happy in two seconds. It's all about the little weird things!

5. A list of the best experiences you've had

This list helps you remember those good ol' times, but its main purpose is to help you realize the best memories come from little mistakes or random ideas at the most inconvenient moments. You never know when an amazing person is around the corner, or if an unforgettable adventure is awaiting you.

It's a rule of life to keep the best things secret from us until they happen.

And that's what always makes life worth living.

So make an effort to be on the look for opportunities and have an open mind for new experiences. Stay positive, and positivity will find you. Try to be an awesome, adventurous, artistic, happy person, and those kinds of people will just magically stumble into you.

You can't decide when life surprises you, but you can decide how to react and prepare for those surprises. 💕

I sincerely hope these things make you feel better and find the positive things on the days that are tough and exhausting and just plain horrible. We all have them, but we can't let a bad day bring down an awesome week. Or even that day.

Make every day count. Make every day the best day of your life.

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