The truth inside the lie

Some days I just want to jump into my story and never come back. The real world sucks so bad sometimes. But then I remember that my characters would hate me for giving up on my life when I make their lives so hard... They'd be so disappointed in me, and so would I.

How can a lie be so powerful? These people pushing me forward and helping me aren't even real. My book isn't real. But still... it is. 

Fiction is incredibly important to so many people. Storytellers and all kinds of creators will always have doubts, but we have to use our art to get past them to inspire others. Storytelling is essential to understand and maintain humanity, especially in a world that loves bringing people down, discriminating, bullying and murdering. It's not just our characters that need us, but also other people.

Stories are amazing. Don't ever stop seeing the truth inside the lie.

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