Five realizations to bring you all the joy in the world

Here are five realizations I've made this past summer that have taken my happiness to a whole new level:

1. The more I read, the more I write, and the more I do of both of those things, the happier I am. Last year I kind of forgot what a big part writing stories plays in my life's journey, but I now know that I can't be fully me if I'm not breathing words like a dragon breathes fire.

2. My purpose is so much more than this moment. Yes, living in the moment is very important. But what means more to me is remembering where I came from, where I'm going and who I truly am. I'm just a girl living on this planet called Earth. But am I really?

No. I'm a daughter of a divine, all-mighty, truthful, wonderful, gracious, kind and compassionate Heavenly Father. I'm a child of God, the King of all things on Earth and beyond.

I'm not here for no reason. I'm here to fulfil my duty, to be righteous and spread light and joy. I'm here to inspire, to create, to tell stories and make a change. I'm here to teach you that you also have a part in His grand plan, the plan of the best kind of happiness of all, happiness that never ends.

3. Paying attention to my health is so much more than what I eat, and has nothing and everything to do with how I look. Truth is, however, being healthy makes me pretty, because being healthy helps me be happy.

Also, it's not shallow or selfish to like yourself, and to do things in order to be prettier.

In fact, you won't survive without some self love. I've been my worst critic and bully for the longest time, but this summer I decided to just quit it. I have to spend a lot of time with myself anyway, so why not have a lot of fun instead of causing myself a lot of unnecessary pain?

I love my red hair, my green eyes, my strong arms and legs and everything my incredible body is capable of. I love the feeling of running as fast as I can with the wind in my face, ponytail brushing against my neck. I love the tingles I get in my toes when I jump into ice cold water. I love how my hair is an absolute mess in the mornings, and how my face looks pale and puffy when I brush my teeth and look tiredly in the mirror. I don't mind the little flaws, because that's what they are. Little. Insignificant.

What means a lot is that I can hear beautiful music, stare at pink sunset clouds and dance until dawn without feeling the slightest bit tired.

4. Smiling for no reason and having good posture is pretty much half of my happiness. As long as I can make myself fake a laugh, I can have a real laugh. Every little smile makes me a little more happy, and it really doesn't matter at all what I'm happy about.

5. And lastly, the most important lesson of all: Loving others is the greatest gift a human can receive.

All my life I've wished for someone to love me, and been mad with myself every time I've liked someone more than they've liked me. But being able to see how someone else is important, special and amazing is truly the most incredible feeling ever, and it doesn't have to be painful.

I've always lived in an illusion that I can't show people that I like them too much or they'll freak out, but honestly, if a person freaks out about a thing like that, it says a lot more about them than me.

So I will keep loving and liking everybody around me way more than they probably deserve. But in my eyes, they do deserve every bit of it.

The world has too little laughter and love, and if I can make at least one human feel appreciated every single day, then that's one grand reason to live for.

One day this summer I got asked: "How can you smile all the time? Why do you just look so happy, even without any reason?"

I shrugged, because I was kind of baffled. Only a year ago I felt stuck, anxious, fearful and lost. I was happy then, but not happy like this. These five realizations have opened my eyes to so much more joy than I could've ever imagined it was possible to feel back then.

Happiness is gradual. It takes time to get there, and I still have many lessons to learn and bumps along the road to bump into.

Some truths stick with us forever, and I hope you find the truths that bring you all the joy in the world.

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