Letting go

17 days left in this wonderland of lakes and snow, forest and swamp.

Today I spent all day packing boxes, cleaning out my closets and throwing out sooo much garbage that I've been hoarding and holding onto for ages.

I usually have a hard time letting go. The first fifteen years of my life I just wished I could travel back in time and never grow up, and I held onto every piece of childhood possible.

But lately I've come to understand the phrase "messy desk, messy mind" on a whole new level.

As you may know, I'm not the most mentally stable person.

And as I've been going to therapy for that, I've also tried harder to find the signs of my "gloomy days" so that I can better control my emotions when those happen.

And one clear sign of a gloomy mind state for me is that my home turns into a horrible mess. Which in turn stresses me out and makes me feel even worse. Cuz brains are fun like that lol.

So now I'm letting go of the past. Both physically and mentally. Because holding onto that much baggage keeps me from healing fully.

In order to make space for new beautiful things and new beautiful memories, I have to first let go of less beautiful ones. It just makes sense.

I'm not saying that I'll ever be a minimalist or anything, but small steps am I right? The less stuff I have, the more I can travel and explore and be free without having to stress about where to store all my belongings. Yay!

And not holding on to every little thing also makes those special things that I do keep feel even more special, don't you think? 💡🌻

Sweet Summer SCiL Times

This is another one of those photos only posts, because I don't know what to say. I miss this and I'm glad it's over, but I'm even more happy that I went and got all these new friends and memories that I really couldn't expect to get. It was an amazing summer.

The Last Days of Summer

I see trees with golden leaves and watch raindrops racing down the windows, but it honestly doesn't feel like autumn yet.

I might still be naively stuck in summer, or maybe I'm just mourning the loss of sunny days and frolicking on flowery meadows, but I'm not ready to let go of it yet.

My body's telling me that it's getting colder and darker (I'm actually currently stuck in bed suffering from a flu and sipping a steaming cup of rooibos that tastes like nothing with my sickly non-functional taste buds...), but I don't want to believe that it's already fall.

But soon I'll have to just pull on my wool socks and accept it. Time passes so fast.

What has been the highlight of your summer?

My summer has been incredible, so it's an impossibility to choose only one. But I met this wonderful creature in Denmark a couple weeks ago. She was such a graceful beauty, and it was really hard to say goodbye to her. Cows have such pure and beautiful souls. 🌻🌜

København Dag 3

Day three was pretty uneventful. Our flight left from Kastrup at 18:00, so we took the bus into the city in the morning with all our luggage, explored a little bit here and there, took the metro towards Kastrup, went to see the harbor and then we were already on the plane, on our way back to Finland.

A fun thing happened at the beach, which I can't stop laughing about.

While I was piling these rocks on top of each other, an old man came and talked to my sister who was sitting somewhere ten meters away from me.

They chatted about Finland, and it turned out that the man was originally from there. He'd been born in Finland, but moved around a lot and he told her about his adventures and the war and other cool stuff I can't really remember.

But he first thought that my little sister was my mother.

He asked, "Is that your daughter sitting there?" whilst pointing at me.


We hear people mistake me for the younger one all the time, and some people even wonder if we're twins. But this was new.

I can't stop laughing.

And I won't stop teasing my sister about it.