Relish in the sunlight

I'm in love with afternoons in the sun. A blue sky, warm air, cool grass, quiet chatter, the distant hum of a radio playing somewhere, the flares of the last sun beams being swallowed by the horizon... 🌻🌷☀️

Life's full of ups and downs, and sometimes we can't explain why we're feeling down. I've had a couple down days this week.

Yesterday I just wanted to sit in my room all day and waste time watching shows and videos and do whatever else where I wouldn't have to think about anything.

I felt lonely and sad and was so unproductive. But then my roommate came home and we talked for some time before running an errand together. After that I forced myself to sit in the park for one hour without touching my phone one single time, and it was pretty amazing. I read a book and just breathed all the fresh air until it got so cold and windy I had to go home.

Then this morning I woke up super unmotivated and blue again, so I forced myself to get up and go into the woods for two hours. I found blueberries and wild strawberries, and explored a whole new part of the forest. Again, it turned out amazing.

Sometimes self-care isn't being nice to yourself. It's being able to see what's best for you, and then forcing yourself to do things even when you don't feel like it. When you want to be happy and independent, you kind of have to be your own parent.

You know yourself better than anyone. You know what makes you happy.

Don't let a gloomy mood take away a wonderful day. You deserve every little ray of sunshine you can get ☀️✨

"Turn my rain clouds into sunbeams, my dark thoughts into flowers, my nightmares into daydreams, my afternoons into ours"