About me

Heyo! You may call me Em. I'm a 21yo Nordic girl living the viking/fairy/mermaid/mythical storyteller life in Lincoln, England, as an exchange student. (I study film and media production btw)

This blog is my place for the adventures I have and the mistakes I make during this year in the ancient story-filled land of Mr Bean, Mr Darcy, Shakespeare, and the Teletubbies.

As you may have noticed, I'm a fan of all things fictional and sort of old. I love to paint, draw, write songs and poetry, read books and watch movies; and at night I either dream of growing gills so that I can move to live in an underwater cave in the ocean, or about finding Tinkerbell and Peter Pan to give me some fairy dust and take me away.

When I was little I invented pirate names for myself and forced all my friends to follow me on imaginary adventures to find and conquer Neverland. And I still can't stop wishing that I was one of the lost boys... 📖

My favorite film is The Curse of the Black Pearl, I "waste" a lot of time talking to myself and dancing alone, and I have a hard time sitting still.

Take my hand, grab a chocolate milkshake, and come with me on this grand adventure into the storyworld called my brain!