How to find your passion

Having a passion changes your life. It's what we all strive for. According to Mindbodygreen (read full post here), having a passion project:

1. Helps you to be able to tap into your state of flow
2. Decreases your stress levels
3. Can make you get leaner
4. Improves your mood
5. Can help you break your technology addiction
6. Builds on your talents
7. Makes you build your own legacy
8. Shows you what you could do as a career!
9. Gives you amazing health benefits
10. It's a reason to wake up in the morning

I also wrote a blog post about this subject, find it HERE.

But doesn't it just sound awesome? A passion is what you need! So what are you waiting for? Here are 5 tips to help you find your own passion:

STEP ONE: Look inside yourself

To find what you love, you need to figure out what you don't love. Get to know yourself. Spend some time alone. Write in a journal. Write lists on things you like and don't like. Look at pictures on instagram and think about what you feel. Try new things. What are you good at? What is something that you just can't get enough of doing?

For me a clear sign that something is my passion is that I lose track of time. I've missed buses because of a story that I've just not been able to stop writing, or a drawing that I need to finish. It's that amazing (but at the same time creepy) feeling of hours passing without noticing. That's a surefire way to know that you're passionate.

STEP TWO: Think about the 5-year-old you

Sometimes you need to visit your past to find answers. If you just couldn't figure out what your passion could possibly be, think about what you loved doing as a child. What did you want to become? What was your favorite game? Just think of anything that you liked and still enjoy, and go from there.

STEP THREE: Who is doing what you want to do?

Do you know anyone who is working in the field that you're interested in? Look up people who are doing your possible passion as a career and learn from them. What steps did they take to get where they are? Let them inspire you and fill you with ideas.

There is no such thing as an original idea in this world. Anything you would want to do has already been done. That may sound discouraging at first, but actually it's really great! If someone else is already doing it, and succeeding, then why not you? You can just look at what they've done and follow in their footsteps. We live in an amazing time. The internet can help you so much.

STEP FOUR: Don't limit yourself

Don't limit yourself to only doing one thing. If you feel like you have too many passions and the hard thing is choosing one – don't limit yourself, but instead, combine your passions. This can be hard and it may take some time to figure it out, and some things just can't be combined. Then you may just have to focus mainly on one or two things, leaving the rest as hobbies. 

I love so many things, so choosing one has always been really tough. And it's strange, but when I was younger I thought a person could only like one thing. That was what I'd been taught in school. But that's not how humans' work. We're humans, not robots. We're not programmable technology. Our opinions, dreams and aspirations change.

Take time to think about what you should prioritize. And most importantly, don't limit yourself. Don't give yourself rules that will make things hard for you. This is your life, and if you believe in your passion, it will work out.

STEP FIVE: Stay curious and keep learning

The most stupid thing a human can do is to settle, and not be curious. Most adults do this. Don't grow up to settle. If your love toward your passion fades, don't be okay with it. Don't be fine, be great. Mel Robbins held an awesome Ted Talk about this (click here to watch it). She says "You were born not to be just fine". You exist to have an amazing life. That is what a passion can give you, if you keep learning more about it, practicing your talents and reaching your full potential.

Never settle for less than AWESOME.
Never stop being CURIOUS.
Never think that you know everything there is to LEARN.

Go and run like on fire toward your dreams, and let your passion be a road map. Don't get lost.


I've also written a post about what passion does to you: here.

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