What passion does to you

I'm only 18, but I've had my fair share of all kinds of experiences in my life. I've been happy and sad, life's been good and bad. But the way my passion has changed my life and me as a person can't be reversed.

Being passionate about something doesn't only give your life purpose, it also completely changes your mindset and even affects how you work, and how your body works. Passion makes you want to be healthier, have better relationships and even wake up easier – here's how:

1. It's easier to wake up

Being passionate makes you more committed, enthusiastic and positive. You want to see what you can do in the next day, because it's a new opportunity to explore your thoughts, ideas and dreams. If you lay all day in bed, you can't fulfill your dreams – so get to work!

2. You take better care of your body

I've noticed this so clearly in the last week. 4th of April I did my last exam at high school, and the day after that I sent in my university application. That made me free to do whatever I wanted. I've been going to school every day for twelve years, but now I have finished my education.

Earlier, when I've done stuff that I haven't really loved, or studied without passion, my life has only been about getting things over with. But now, I pay attention to every second. Because my life is in my hands, I have the responsibility to make every second count. Essentially, I have the responsibility to keep myself alive and take care of my body.

When you feel stuck, you aren't inspired to be healthy. That was my problem for so long – I just had no reason to exercise because I didn't have that burning, wonderful feeling in my gut that I'm running toward my dreams. Now that I've found my passion, I want to stay healthy and energized so that I can reach my full potential. And often I don't even have to consciously think about my health. It's so strange, because it just happens. I'm constantly so excited about my life, that binge-eating and couch potatoing just isn't a part of my day anymore.

3. You look forward to the future

When you have a passion, you aren't afraid. You're excited. You're grateful for what you have and want to see what the future can bring you.

By looking back at all of the things I've learned in the past years or even weeks or days, I realize how much I've grown, but also how much I can still grow. And I'm not content with staying where I am, I want to see what the future has to offer me!

4. A better attitude

Having a passion doesn't only make fulfilling your goals in that specific field easier, but also makes you more positive overall. Chores and homework isn't as bad if you have a feeling deep down that you're doing something important. Because your dreams are important, and you have a deep, burning desire to fulfill them. Passions and dreams give life meaning, and makes even small tasks feel less heavy.

Are you convinced that you should get up and seek your passion yet? Click HERE to read the blog post about how to find your passion. Give it a read and start your journey!

Have an amazing day!

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