Watch me trying to focus

I woke up at 8, scrolled through instagram while listening to Gary V's podcast for an hour.

Then had granola for breakfast (which was wonderful since my breakfasts have consisted of rye bread and cheese on the bus for the past month because I haven't had time to eat at home in ages).

After breakfast I sat down to write on my final report for a course in the Finnish language and communication. That was lame, so I instead posted on instagram and went to youtube for an hour.

At 11 I closed the youtube tab and opened word again.

I made a list of everything I have to do today. The list ended up being nearly 20 lines long, so I had to prioritize and remove stuff.

I proceeded to stare out the window and wish I could be out there running in the rain.

Okay focus, Em. You can do this. You can write this thing and then go for a short walk.

At 12 I had written three pages of nonsense, and went out for a well deserved walk.

After that I apparently had lots of creativity and so I wrote four pages in my journal and filmed a video of myself talking about my purpose as a human. Heh. Yeah.

At 16.30 I was back in my bedroom, sitting in silence with my laptop in my lap and trying to make sense of what I wrote earlier.

At 17 I gave up on trying to make sense and just sent the thing to my teacher so that I could stop thinking about it.

Then I had dinner, scanned some artwork for my Etsy shop and tried to fix an issue with some other Etsy listings. Ugh.

At 19 I was still doing that.

At 20 I decided that I'd had enough of technology and so I went out to the beach.

The rest of the night I wrote and scheduled blog posts, listened to music and wrote a poem for Ink Feelings.

That was my day of trying to focus. I didn't fail miserably, but I could've done better.

The good thing about being alive is that we always have tomorrow to win if we lose today 💪

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