Quick writing inspiration prompts and story ideas to cure writers block

I get it, writing is hard. It's hard to write a 80K word novel if you haven't made writing a habit, and some days it's hard to even type ten words.

To tell a story, you need to set goals and reach them, but how are you going to do that if you have NO IDEA what to write in the first place?

Never skip a day of writing because you don't know what to write. Never ever. There's always a story waiting to be told, however short. But it's there.

Let me show you some examples that might help you get out of your rut and recover from writers block.

These are creative writing prompts that I have come across while taking courses in creative writing, just by searching the wonderful world of the internet or came up with myself.

Write somebody's story that ends with the words: "They were never mine"

What would zombies be like if they ate hearts instead of brains?
(I made a short film about this last fall, comment if you'd like to see it on the blog some day and maybe I'll find the energy to upload it to the internet, haha)

"A part of your world"?
Write about a world where humans walk below the ocean and whales are kings of the skies.

What if humans could live forever with the help of mechanical organs, but then suddenly everybody starts rusting...

If you (or someone close to you) would have a forbidden romance, who would it be with?

"He and I were like two weather fronts that collided"

What are some prompts you've used that you could add to this list?

Also, if you write any of these stories, please share so that I can read it! :)

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