Fearlessly weird

This is my mood after last night ðŸ˜ļ

The party was great though and I made lots of new friends (or maybe acquaintances... but I dislike the words acquaintance because it just sounds so cold and mean to me. So friends it is).

I managed to overcome my fear of being alone in such a social setting, and gathered courage over and over again to chat to strangers even when they weren't that excited about me talking to them ðŸ˜†

Man, I was a weirdo.

Finns don't ever talk to strangers. I mean, yeah, guys in bars try to, but only when they've had enough to drink first. And I think it's one of the worst parts of this culture. Honesty and sincere kindness are awesome things, but come on, fake a smile once in a while to make the world a better place, would you?

Often I sit in the bus and hope for someone to just say hi, or ask me how my day has been. I wish I could do it myself and not be seen as a weirdo.

Seems like the only pathway to changing how things are is by being a weirdo.

Which really isn't a big price to pay, if you think about it. But as human beings all we want is to be comfortable and safe. And being safe is the worst thing we could do, because that was everybody is just standing still and we're not getting anywhere as a species.

Stop worrying so much about what people think. If your friends decide to go home early from the club, stay there alone for a while and find opportunities to find new friends, even if people think it's strange and abnormal.

Being fearlessly weird is the best feeling ever ðŸĪŠðŸ˜„

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