Three things I'd tell myself before writing a novel

Is there anything you wish you could tell your younger self about your writing journey?

I have plenty... But I tried to condense the most important things into a little list. Here's what I'd tell little Em with a brain box full of ideas and a pen that wouldn't move fast enough to write it all:

1. It's going to be a long journey and a lots of bumps along the road,

so make sure to pack a lot of confidence, a bag of inspiration and fill up the trunk with determination. Passion you've already got covered.

2. No matter what your parents, relatives or teachers say about real jobs, they have no idea how far you can get on your own.

Don't let their "realistic encouragements" bring you down. Use that as fuel, you're going to need all the fuel you can get! (as I said, it's a long journey, and the destination is still out of view)

3. It's great to have your head in the clouds,

but please try to keep your feet on the ground, too. It's tempting to make incredibly challenging goals and shoot for the stars, but then you also have to accept the fact that it's going to take time.

Books aren't born overnight, just like viking warriors don't become strong overnight. I had to incorporate these viking shields somehow into this blog post. This picture had to make sense somehow. You had it coming.

I hope you're all loving the process and staying inspired as the chill falls and autumn leaves fly with the breeze. Fall is the best time to be writing, so make every moment full of words!

Being a storyteller isn't about writing the most words or even writing the best story in the world. It's about writing what makes your heart leap out of joy and your fingers twitch with desire to get your message out there.

No matter how scary or how time consuming, you are capable. And when you're telling the story you're meant to tell, that's when it all falls into place and nothing can stop you.

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