Creating realistic and unique worlds

Good characters and plots are nothing without an amazing setting.

Your world should be a living, breathing being in itself. It should change, evolve and play a part in your story just like your characters do. To help you create a world that sticks out and feels alive, go to these links. I will write a post about creating magic systems and how magic affects everything in your world next week.

Here are my favorite websites and blog posts for world building:

Fantasy world builder's guide teaches you the basics of building a world in thirty days. Go through each of the "days", and at the end of it, you'll have a world! This resource is one of my favorites because it goes through topics and aspects of a world that most of us don't even think about when world building and usually take for granted.

Water geography by CleverGirlHelps is a resource for both those who love geography (like me!) and those who don't really get it. If you know lots about geography, this blog will remind you of things you may not have thought of and help take your world's realness to the next level.

If you don't know how rivers and lakes form, or why they look the way they do, and why they are where they are--this is also for you. I see unrealistic bodies of water in fantasy maps all the time and it annoys me so much. It doesn't matter if your world is full of magical creatures and there are fantasy elements--if gravity works like on Earth, rivers flow downstream, not up. Ok?

Weather and world building 101 by Karen Pon is a must-read for all who desire to create a world which doesn't make any (even slightly) educated person roll their eyes. You don't want to look stupid, so read this.

Medieval Technology by Damon m. Lord is an interesting article about technology and weapons you can use in your fantasy that has a medieval setting. And even if your story isn't set in medieval times, this may spark some inspiration. 

World building is so much fun. What is your favorite part in the writing process? I'd love to know in the comments! :)

Happy writing!!

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