When I started writing one page every day

If I would just write one page every day…

Dreams come true when one makes a little bit of effort for them. That’s how magic sparks into existence. It’s when something that might feel burdensome, tedious or difficult becomes light and freeing. Magic doesn’t feel like a stone in your backpack.

Magic is that feather that you run so hard to catch, but it’s only flying further away, swept by the wind. Every time you get closer, it swirls out of your reach.

There’s a secret you only learn if you spend all of your life chasing that feather of magic, without giving up. The secret is that in order to get to the feather, you must stop fighting the wind. And the minute you learn to love the wind, it lets you fly.

The wind carries you like a long lost child. It’s gentle, it’s all-knowing—it knows exactly what you want. If you embrace it fully, you’ll travel with it to the most extraordinary places, see truly astonishing things, and witness magical wonders. You’ll forget that you were even trying to catch the feather, because suddenly, your life becomes covered by them.

That’s because one cannot fly without wings.

And dreams are not difficult when you let them live, and let yourself live inside them. Stop trying too hard to be someone important. Stop working so hard on becoming someone who’s worth it.

You need to let go of the doubt, the expectations, the guilt and the fear. You need to let the wind grab you. Let yourself be weightless. Let the wind carry you, protect you, hold you and bring you to where you need to be.

When you quit being human, and start being magical, that’s when all things magical are drawn to you like never before. You can finally be that little girl who dreamt of fairies and looked for mermaids on the glossy, still surface of the lake on those summer nights.

In order to find magic, maybe you could just stop searching for it in the wrong places. Magic doesn’t live in words such as work, anxiety, depression, stress or panic.

Magic lives where there is calm, serenity, music, beauty, song, poetry, art, color, tranquility, balance, silence, light, joy, laughter, dancing, lush forests, wool socks and banana pancakes.

It’s in the way the wind blows in your face when you stand upon a cliff. It’s in the way you smile when you smell a blown out match, or how you dance from joy when the right song comes on the radio.

Listen to the joy of the world. See the happiness in the places where it really belongs. You know where it belongs, so stop pretending that you don’t. You’re wiser. You’re better. You’re worth it.

Please, stop pretending that you’re not. Stop believing that you’re not. Trust me, you are. You are worth all the pine needles in the trees, all the particles of sand beneath your feet, all the raindrops on your cheeks and all the flowers in your hair.

If you let the sun shine on you, it will shine on you, no matter if it’s raining. Let your heart be the sun, and whenever it’s raining, you’ll be the rainbow.

The wind will hold your hand, it will spread your own little sunbeams all over the world. Make sparks, like stars, and spread them out into the universe. There is magic for you in this place, but the most important thing to remember is that magic always grows when it is shared. And some day you might just be someone else’s wind to carry them.

Fill your life with the little things that bring magic into the big moments. Life is really simple, when you think about it.

Thing is, you’ve got wings now.

But you need to use them in order to fly toward the magic.

Therefore, you must make a little bit of effort to keep them light and strong, fierce and powerful, full of light and magic. That is why you must write one page every day. Magic can be seen in the rarest of occasions, but it is even better if it’s there every day.

…then the world would have more magic.

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