Self-love Milkshakes

The best things don't come easy. One silly example from real life is when today I had to go buy groceries (despite feeling all sorts of under the weather both in my brain and everywhere else) because I'd been so busy during the weekend to realize I'd been running out of food. Adulting...

But the reward was making a banana chocolate milkshake when I got back home.

I'd like to say that today was a good day. In many ways it was, because I did everything I possibly could to make it that way.

I get scared when I do really well at something (being productive and writing lots), because I immediately start worrying that something has to go wrong soon. And it's really a self-fulfilling prophecy followed by a loop of negative self talk and self doubt that never ends.

But this milkshake was a way for me to show myself that I deserve good things, even on not so good days. Life can be good to me and I can treat myself kindly without worrying that the good feelings are going to end.

I feel really good about writing. Writing is such a blessing. It could be such a source of stress in my life. Writing is freaking hard!! But it's the polar opposite.

I feel so good when I get to type my thoughts out, and finally see myself. Mirrors are overrated. I reflect by watching my words. And today my words told me I needed to give myself a milkshake, for no particular reason. 

Just because I'm me.

Ha, you should see me now, self-hating Em from yesterday! Look at me and my magnificent milkshake! Nothing can bring me down! With the power of chocolate and Scrivener, I am invincible! 

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