3 easy habits to make your life easier

We all know life isn't easy, but there are things you can do to make it a little easier for yourself.

Here are three daily habits that are easy to do, but which I could not live without:

1. Make your bed each morning

As a kid, I was never taught to make my bed. That's just not a thing my family ever did. When I grew older, I noticed my younger sister making her bed and paying much attention to how her room looked, but I just couldn't care less.

Now that I'm at that age where you live in your own place and call yourself an adult (whatever that means??), I can see the appeal.

I mean, it looks much nicer and cleaner when the pillows aren't on the edge of falling to the floor and the blankets aren't in messy heaps all over the place.

But the main reason I make my bed is because it's a nice routine. If I have to get out of bed to make my bed look pretty in the morning, that's going to take both physical and mental effort.

There's a Swedish proverb that goes: "Som man bäddar får man ligga", which basically is the equivalent of "What goes around comes around".

But if you translate it word by word, it means "As you make your bed, you will lie in it".

I believe it's like that with most things in our lives. If we put in minimal effort, we get minimal results. If we work hard, good things will come.

If I start my day by making my bed instead of scrolling through messages I've received during the night or getting lost on social media feeds, my entire day will be much more productive.

2. Spend half an hour in the woods every day

It's a scientific fact that spending time out in nature affects our brain in so many positive ways. It improves our memory and ability to focus; helps fight stress, depression and anxiety, but also aids in keeping us physically healthy by boosting our immune system; and makes us feel lighter, happier and more fresh immediately.

To me, forests are magical places where there is only me, the nature and nothing else. Sometimes I bring out some snacks or a book with me so that I can just sit there in my own fantasy world and let go of everything else.

Now this is a difficult one to do if you live nowhere near a forest, but if that's the case, I suggest you to pop in a calm ambient playlist and go for a walk around the block. That fresh air and those soothing sounds will work as your own, personal little forest trip.

3. Write morning pages

You may have heard about this already, but it's in late years become very common for creators or online entrepreneurs to swear by something called 'morning pages'.

What they morning pages are depends on the person, because morning pages can be absolutely anything. The only rule is to write two or three pages every morning as a part of your daily waking up routine.

Our brains rest during the night, but they also never stop working. When you're sleeping, you are actually sorting through all the day's events and making connections between things, and in the morning we can often feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done.

Morning pages have helped me immensely in emptying my mind and clearing my thoughts after a night of dreaming about stressful situations and reacting to the weirdest things my brain could ever create.

So to declutter your head, write it all out in a stream of consciousness manner, and you'll feel so much less stressed or overwhelmed in the mornings. And even if you just end up ranting about food, movies or some other current phenomenon, it's a great way to start your day by just getting it all out there. Begin each day with an empty slate!

Remember to smile and try your best. Don't make these habits sources of stress in your life, but instead see them as necessary breaks from your daily shenanigans.

Love life and life will love you :)


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