NaNoWriMo Project: Royal Blood

(Royal Blood is not a title, it's just the first thing that popped into my head)

What are you working on this November?

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What is Project RB about?

It's a Romeo and Juliet retelling set in a viking society with magic and sea monsters, a prequel to my book A Raveling Night, and it's about the lovers that killed Emery's entire family.

I was inspired by the question: How much blood would have to be shed to give Romeo and Juliet their happy ending?

What's the genre?

YA/NA fantasy romance

Who are the main characters?

Mionaith Adron: charming, rebellious, curious, dishonest, shameless & impulsive.

Corran Koghen: shy, reserved, inventive, polite, secretive, cowardly & destructive.

And their both respective families with parents, siblings, pets and friends, who all get entangled in this whole tragic mess of a romance.

What do these characters want?

Mionaith and Corran both come from more or less dysfunctional families, and they want to just be someone, separate from their families, proving their worth.

Mionaith is tired of living in her magical warrior family's shadow and acting all rebellious to get attention. She wants to find her own place, go on her own adventure, and rise to her own potential.

Corran has strong morals and a great vision of what he wants Noriannd to be, but he also wants to make his father proud and be a strong leader like him--no, he wants to be better than him. But to win his father's approval he has to let go of his own morals and visions.

Name a few supporting characters?

Mionaith's two older sisters, Ghydis the bookworm and Fayvinn the daydreamer. Their mother, Queen Ryiah and King Haldor who saved the kingdom when the Koghen family stood helpless on the sidelines.

Corran's father, a Sea King also named Corran, who's bitterness and hatred for the Adron family has festered and grown for the past twenty years. Corran's older brother, Nadhgan, who hopes to become the next king of Noriannd.

What's the main conflict?

It's pretty obviously the fact that they have to hide their relationship while working with their own families to destroy each other. There's lots of conspiring and betrayal happening in this one.

What is the setting of the novel?

Project RB is set in the same world as A Raveling Night, but only taking place 20 or so years before the events of ARN.

The kingdom of Noriannd is a cold, harsh, mountainous place full of wolves, deers and ancient magic. The city that Project RB happens in is called Hordrigg and it's located by the sea, smelling of salt, fish and smoke.

If you're curious about my NaNoWriMo journey, and why I love this event so much, read my blog post about it here.


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