You Should Travel Solo

Running out of money? Do the hobo thing and sleep on the floor at the airport!

The first time I ever traveled to another country alone was last autumn, when I went to Stockholm alone after Golden Days to meet some family. Yeah, technically I wasn't alone all the time because my relatives live there and they took care of me, but it was still pretty nerve-wracking. I was super scared.

So you can only imagine how scared I was the past week when I went to Copenhagen alone.

Well, again, technically I wasn't alone because I met some friends and old acquaintances who kept me company and who I could go to if I had a problem.

But I still spent the majority of time on my own. With myself. Inside my own head.

For a week. Can you even imagine what that's like?

Now I truly understand what it means to be your own best friend. I'm not my own best friend yet, I'm not saying that.

But I'm saying that I wish I had been, because it's hard to spend 24/7 alone with someone you despise :D

So lesson number one when traveling solo: be your own friend, be compassionate towards yourself, be patient with yourself, allow yourself to mess up and fix it, listen to your body, listen to your mind, make sure to get the rest, the hydration and the nutrition you need. If you're traveling solo, you have nobody else.

It's hard, but if you don't take care of yourself, then you can't travel solo.

If you want to save money, plan everything in detail beforehand. I'm not much of a planner, so I didn't really plan, but I could've maybe saved on bus/train/metro tickets if I had. Also do your research on how to save money in the particular city you're traveling to, like where to shop for food, what restaurants are worth it, if it's possible that you could get any discounts and so on.

It's super exhilarating to travel with only a backpack, alone, wandering around like a vagabond and finding places you never knew. Being spontaneous and all that. I know. I like that too. But planning is also worth trying. Your wallet will thank you :)

Something I did a lot to stay spontaneous and adventurous was to just pick a random street and keep walking until I found something interesting. Then again, I've already seen all of Copenhagen's most touristy attractions, so this was a super fun way to find those hidden gems that nobody knows about. Funny looking trees, big snails, cute doors, old churches...

But I recommend trying this even if you're traveling to a place you've never been before.

When it comes to food, snack throughout the day. Maybe it's just because I'm always snacking and rarely actually eat "real food", but I found this very helpful. If you never allow yourself to become really hungry, you won't waste money on expensive food (but then again, maybe you want to try some fancy restaurant, and then I'd maybe advise you to not snack as much to save money, and space in your tummy).

As I walked around town, I would keep a bag of snack carrots in my backpack, have an apple every now and then, and try to eat one real meal every day (but some days I didn't...). But with Denmark's whole smørrebrød (sandwich) culture, I think it was just fine.

A perfect travel food I've found is nachos and guacamole. It's the best. I don't know why. But it's what me and my sister ate in Copenhagen a month ago, and it's what I ate the past week. Super healthy, I know, but it's amazing after you've eaten too many sweet carrots or nougat croissants...

Picnics every day, yay!

My every meal was honestly a picnic, lol

Just stay safe and have fun.

If you have any questions, send me a dm on instagram and I'll help ya out :))

Now enjoy some more pictures:

Piling rocks at this place has become a tradition now

How to speak to swans: make kissy noises at them and they'll come suuuper close to you! I don't know if it's only me, but every time I do this, swans just swarm around me xD

Look at this huuge snail!
I made lots of new friends when sitting and reading a book on a bench :) 

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