Momentarily Homeless

Panic. It's time to panic.

Imagine this: you are on the airplane to England. No, don't imagine it. It's happening right now. Just look out the window.

I know! I said it first: time to panic!

This lil kitten wanted to come with me to England, and I wish I could've taken her :(
I woke up at 3am today, whereafter I spent two hours in the backseat of the car, staring at dark clouds and the slightly yellow motor way lights and a round-as-cheese moon floating past us (me, dad, mom) as Hallelujah played. (Side note: Hallelujah didn't play for the entirety of those two hours. We also listened to the Gladiator soundtrack (Hans Zimmer, aw yeah), The Rock soundtrack (Hans Zimmeeeeerrr aaaww yeeaah), the Shrek soundtrack, Swedish Schlager, 2008 greatest hits, and president Uchtdorf talks.)

Before waking up at 3am to pack my two ginormous suitcases into my family's car, I spent two weeks (well, technically one week, because I spent one of them in Copenhagen) at my family's house, sleeping behind the couch (on a bed, I'm not a peasant) and left the place looking like the aftermath of an apocalypse. The Emiliocalypse.

And boy do I regret not causing more of a havoc. Maybe to the dismay of my parents, but I wish I would've made my presence better known. I wish I would've gone on adventures in the woods with my little sisters, dared them to take one last spontaneous swim in the lake, baked way more cookies and accidentally ruining somebody's shirt while making some sort of grandiose and overly ambitious crafts project. I wish I would've told them crazy bedtime stories every night and walked them to school every day. I regret that I didn't spend every. freaking. second. being present and making memories.

Finland from the airplane

I have some sweet moments to treasure thought.

I remember going for a jog with my youngest little sister. I slowed down a little but she kept up with me all the way, and I was so proud of her. Then we ran laps around the running track at the sports center, and it started raining. She chased seagulls off the dock, and we sat on the edge, dipping our feet and splashing ourselves with freezing water.

splish splosh
I remember taking a Sunday walk with dad and the three youngest of my sisters. We walked by the edge of the lake, wet our shoes (at least some of us did. Clearly the most intelligent ones, let me tell you. With a strong sense of adventure sprinkled on top), and went to the sports center to do some long jumping (and fill our wet shoes with sand). And as if that wasn't enough, we still went to two different playgrounds after that, found an apple tree which we ate some super sour apples from, and didn't return home to eat mud cake and ice cream until the sun was starting to set.

England from the airplane
I remember baking chocolate chip cookies with the youngest sister on the same evening that I returned from Copenhagen. She didn't spill flour everywhere or crack the eggs on the tabletop. She did everything perfectly, like Cookie Santa's perfect little helper. That used to not usually be the case, and to be honest, it used to cause a lot more harm when she would be in the kitchen. But she's always been so cute that it doesn't matter... But now! Now she's so helpful and kind and sweet and talented and clever... And cute as ever!

Soon all my little girls will be all grown up and brave, and too cool to wake me up with cuddles and kisses and candy under my pillow.

So maybe it isn't completely my fault that I regret not doing more with my sisters. Maybe they have just grown up so much and they have more important things to do than follow me around all the time, as they did when they were little. Littler.

Either I'm going to break both my wrists or get super ripped
I've certainly grown up a lot. I don't know when it happened. But a child wouldn't be allowed to board a plane to England alone, and with a one-way ticket that she paid for all by herself and two ginormous suitcases that she filled all by herself with all her most important belongings that she's bought all by herself no less.

Seems like doing stuff all by oneself is just something we do in order to grow.

And that's why I am on this plane to England. Alone.

Aaaallll byyyyy myyyyyseeeeelf

Please join the journey.

I'll update this blog hopefully on a weekly basis with my thoughts, life lessons and pictures of all the wondrous things I find on this one-year adventure in Lincoln, England.

I hope you've enjoyed these last ponderings from my pre-Lincoln self. See you around!

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