Thoughts while traveling to Lincoln

I had a very disastrous journey from London to Lincoln, but now you can enjoy my confused random thoughts and perhaps have a laugh or two (because that's what audiences are for: to laugh at you when you're miserable. I'm joking. I'm not miserable. Just exhausted).

"People are wearing shorts?!?" said out loud and then instantly regretted.

I wish I could speak like an englishgirl. But my 'american' accent gives me away as a foreigner, and that makes people explain everything a bit slower. And I'm forgiven for the silly, sometimes stupid "foreigner" mistakes I make. So I guess I'm ok with being an american for now.

People are wearing skirts and sandals and is that a swimming pool full of splashing kids??!?

Crap it's hoooottt.

I get the shorts now. I wish I was wearing a skirt and sandals. And a hat to shield my head from the heaaaattt. What is the sun doing here?? It's autumn!!?

People around me really disapprove of my luggage.

Somebody just said it's too cold to wear something (I could hear what). I'd take that something any day. Forget about the bags causing my arms to fall off--I'm going to die from a heat stroke.

Oh it feels so good to finally be able to sit down and breathe.

And whoop, I'm up again. (Wondering if my arms are actually literally going to fall off soon)

I am totally blessed to be here and I should stop complaining. But now my back hurts!

I want to sleep.

But I have no keys so I have no home, which really means that I'll have nowhere to sleep tonight.

But everything always works out. I just know it. At least that's what I try to convince myself.

I'm not even in Lincoln yet. I need to worry about getting to Lincoln first, and then I can worry about where I can rest.

i just thought this was funny

Oh, English people are so nice!

People keep helping me with my luggage and I'm super grateful. I must look like a little stupid kid with these huuuge suitcases next to me. Well, almost true. I've got the arm muscles of a baby.

English kids are like Danish kids. They just randomly smile at you. I don't see many kids in Finland doing that... I wonder why. It's so nice to have someone to remind you that instead of sulking because it's hot and everything hurts, you could be sulking with a smile on your face.

Feltham is the absolute worst place in England. Everything goes wrong in Feltham. Don't ever go there. Don't ever try to find a bus stop there. You're going to start swearing and wishing you were dead. One final warning. Don't ever go to Feltham. It sucks.

A lot of the time when people want to be helpful and come talk to me, I have no idea what they're saying. I know they're speaking English, but I just stand there dumbfounded and repeat "sorry" until they slow down so much that it sounds like they're talking to a baby. Culturally, in England, I guess that's accurate. So I don't mind.

Thaaaaannnkkkkk gooooooooddddneeess for AC on buses!! Holy moly oh my goodness my life has been blessed by the divine power of cool air in my face. It's a wonderful thing, truly.

I need to pull it together and start getting used to the left side traffic or one of these days I'm going to get hit by a car.

I'll miss the smell of pines in the rain. Wonder how Lincoln smells in the rain....

Well, great. My cheeks and lips and my nose tingle and burn a bit. Did I really get a sunburn already? I truly belong to the great, cold, dark North where the sun never shines, don't I? This is ridiculous.

Is it just me, or does somebody else also feel like their teeth are sharper against their tongue when they're hungry?

My neck hurts from gawking out the window so much. But DAAAYYMMM it’s gorgeous.


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