The Projects I Work on Now

When I get overwhelmed by my never ending idea machine brain or somehow weirdly feel like I don’t have enough of original ones, I like to make lists of them to clear things up.

It's an ever growing list of projects. I think I’ve got 11 at the moment… And those are just the ones I have dreams about or add to on a weekly basis.

This is a rock in the woods in Fort Augustus, Scotland, where I almost broke my arm (might still have a hairline fracture but I never got it checked out so...)
It’s like my brain’s got twenty tabs open at the same time.

But to make things easier, I’ve only got three projects that I’m actively trying to work on right now. This week, this month, this year, whatever 'right now' means.

1. ARN

An epic fantasy series about a kingdom called Noriannd that I never seem to finish because the plot keeps growing forever. But I also love that it does that. This story is my life long legacy. If I die and only ever finish this one, I’ll be really happy.

Arthur's Seat
2. Willowfolk

A creepy/dark fantasy stop-motion animation film about a magical forest and a grumpy old troll that befriends a little injured elf. I hope to shoot this one either this autumn or sometime next year.

3. Stories from Nelserin

A fairytale book for my little sisters with all the bedtime stories I used to tell them that I still remember, and some more. I get lots of ideas for stories that never evolve into full-fleshed novel or film ideas, so this is where those go. I hope to self publish this some day with my sisters’ illustrations in it. That’s the ultimate dream.

I’m so happy to have a brain that invents worlds and characters and magic so easily from basically nothing. I have really vivid dreams at night and usually I can remember them in the morning.

So naturally, it’s super important for me to always write things down and make millions of lists, or I’ll forget and be sad.

Stephen King has said that he never writes his ideas down because if it’s an important idea, he just won’t forget it.

Uh, well... My brain doesn’t remember to eat or take my pills, not to even mention appointments and meetings. I’m going to keep writing my project ideas down in my many pretty notebooks, thank you very much Mr King.

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Happy writing!


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