Turning Fears Into Story Themes

I made a list of my greatest fears today, because writing about what you’re most afraid of can add so much depth to your stories.

I think that’s the kind of stuff the professionals mean when they say “write what you know”. It’s not them saying that you can’t write about vampires or elves or wizards. They’re saying that you should make those fantastical things feel real by adding what you know from your personal life experiences on top of that.

I’m afraid of sea cave corpses, falling, the thought of child soldiers and kids being sent to war, accidentally hurting or killing animals or people, never finding love, and not speaking up when I know I should. 

S h u d d e r s.

Fear can also be a good tool to find the theme for your story.

What your protagonist is most afraid of is what they most desire, right?

Ryiah from my story is afraid of living a meaningless life. Therefore her desire is to save her kingdom and be forever remembered.

What does she learn?

Ryiah comes to realize that her meaning comes from the people around her touching her life and sacrificing themselves for her, and that she can’t save anybody alone.


Friendship, comradeship, unity.

This story says that our names don’t matter as much as the names it is remembered by.

What’s the theme of your story and how have you gone about creating it?

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