I started a bucket list

This year I decided to only give myself one long term New Year's resolution. And in addition to that, instead of a long list of goals that all go unachieved, make myself a bucket list of things I could tick off once, because I don’t have much patience or resilience to follow through with things.

So far, I’ve ticked off three things:

✔️ Try fish & chips.

Yes, I’ve lived in England for four months. I just don’t really like fried food 😂 And while it was a good experience, I don’t think I’ll buy myself fish & ships ever again.

✔️ Donate to charity.

This is something I actually aspire to do multiple times a year. But I always over-stress it because I’m poor and don’t want to give my money to a charity I’m not 100% sure will actually help those in need. But now that I’ve done it once already this year, I hope it will be less stressful next time!

✔️ Write an article for a magazine.

I was contacted in December and asked to write a piece about mental health for a worldwide church magazine, which was just the most perfect timing! Because I'd been thinking about writing for magazines, but it felt scary. So having someone else contact me first was awesome 🙏 Now edits are done, and it’ll appear on the internet in a month or a few… I never actually asked when, lol.

It’s been an educational year so far!

My one resolution is a grand one. It sounds super intimidating and unachievable to me right now. But I hope it will at least keep me on the right track so I'll be a few steps closer by the end of the year. A video about that will come up on my YouTube tomorrow!

I've also got some bucket list items that I need your help with! More about that later! ❤️

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