Stuff Writers Say #1

I write and say a lot of weird things, but don't we all? It's a writer thing. Here are some captions from my old instagram posts. I hope you can relate, or at least have a laugh at me. Don't worry. I don't mind.

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March 18th 2016
Writer perfectionism: "Sometimes I wish my novel would edit itself, but then I realize I'd have to redo all of the work anyway because only I can do it right."

February 25th 2016
How poetic: "I just wrote an essay on failure. The subject sounds kind of depressing, but writing it filled me with so much positivity and hope that the paper almost learned to fly."
Writing always makes me feel better. That's why I do it. If I feel hopeless, I write it out, and my mindset shifts as the words flow on. Suddenly I'm happy, relieved and calm. It's almost like praying.

February 25th 2016
Reason to keep writing , even when it's hard: "Just shut up and write my story. Sincerely, MC."

Feb 1st 2016
When I ranted about how stupid drugs are: "Nerds are way cooler. We get high on the smell of books."

Jan 25th 2016
I just can't stop daydreaming about fictional places: "It frightens me that I'll be legally an adult this year. Please, Peter Pan, don't be too late. I need to see Neverland!"

Jan 24th 2016
"I can't write in public because I make these weird faces and people stare."
Just stare back!

Jan 18th 2016
"I've recently turned into a hardcore listmaker. Stuff I have lists for: daily to-do, weekly to-do, monthly to-do, yearly to-do:s for the next five years, idea lists, dream lists, books I'll write one day, stuff I want to do, things I have to try, foods I love, books I've loved, books I hate, movies I love, movies I'd burn, all of my notebooks and what to write in them.... It doesn't even end here. Should I stop and calm down? I think not."

I think I did.
When I ran out of post-it notes.
It was a sad day.

Jan 23rd 2016
"I never have a problem with the internet while I write. It's just research."
You mean, "research"? On pinterest? Yeah, sure.

Jan 19th 2016
"Yesterday I googled how long it takes for a human body to burn up. Now I'm just waiting for the cops to knock on my door."
Last week I learned how to stab and strangle without killing the person...

Yep. We're strange, rare, unique creatures. And the weirder, the merrier. Isn't that how it goes??

Happy writing! Stay weird, weirdos :)

All captions and photos taken from @Storyworldofem

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