Introducing Writing Advice for Fantasy Writers

 I've never felt like I was good enough or experienced enough to give writing advice.

And I felt like giving advice would be like beating a dead horse. Everything you can learn about writing is already out there, explained by writers with way more brilliant minds than my own.

That was, until a few months ago, when I tried to get back into writing after a pretty long mental health break. I felt overwhelmed and confused, and quickly spiralled into self doubt and thought I was so bad I could never tell a story again.

So, to get out of my head, I decided to write down all the things I've learned about writing to prove to myself that my head wasn't full of air and that I'd actually learned something during my decade-long writing journey.

And it just kept coming and coming and coming. To this day, I'm still thinking of  new things to add to that document on a daily basis.

By this point I've got enough material to publish a whole entire book about how to write... which is completely ABSURD!

Storytelling is my favourite thing in the world.

I think about how to tell better stories all the time. Before I started writing it all down, I would just let those thoughts come and go, and then disappear into the void. But now my notes are full with little tips and ideas that I'm now going to start sharing with all of you!

I still don't feel like I'm good enough to be an authority on anything. I'm not completely against the idea of maybe publishing a book about writing some day, but I won't be doing that in a long, long time.

Instead, I started making some carousel posts and writing blog posts a while ago, fully intending on posting them on instagram and my blog eventually, but then procrastinated out of fear of accidentally creating generic unhelpful advice that turns into more sludge for writers to trudge through when looking for helpful resources (been there, ugh).

But I thought about it for a while, and finally decided that maybe I can give advice in a way that doesn't have to feel like sludge, or like beating a dead horse.

Maybe I can make it look pretty, make it easy to digest, and put my own spin on it so it's not so generic and unhelpful.

Just like original story ideas don't exist, neither does original writing advice.

And there are some pieces of advice that have only made sense to me once I've heard someone specific explain it their own unique words.

Sometimes you just don't get it until someone explains it to you using an analogy only they would ever use. That happens to me all the time. Not all writing advice, or ways of giving advice, is for everyone.

So, if you end up finding my advice helpful, that would be AMAZING!

But I'll focus mainly on crafting resources that work for my brain, that I can come back to when I feel overwhelmed and need some extra help.

I love telling stories so much that I want everyone to have as much with it as I am.

And what is more fun than learning, growing and becoming better at something you LOVE to do?

Especially if you can learn together and have conversations about things you love with other weird nerdy people who like the same stuff and also live to tell stories!?

You can look forward to seeing my first writing advice post in SUCH A LONG TIME tomorrow!

I'll be posting these advice posts both on my instagram and on this blog. The blog posts can of course fit more information, so they will be a bit longer and more in-depth.

I hope you're having a lovely day.

Happy Writing.

OOhh, how I've missed this.

/ Em

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