The incredible, whimsical year 2017

This year has been like no other. For me, it was a year of growth, fear, loss, love, learning and being happy. I had lots of resolutions (which I'll make a separate post about) and lots of expectations. Sometimes they happen, sometimes we get disappointed. But thinking back at all the things I've accomplished, dreamed of and gone through this year, I wouldn't change one second.

Here are my highlights from 2017. Thank you to everyone who have supported and encouraged me: strangers, family, friends and internet people.

This year....
I spent time with cousins and family I rarely see.
I learned to be my own boss.
I wrote the second draft of my novel.
I launched my own website.
I reached 700 followers on instagram.
I traveled to London.
I graduated.
I got into University.
I bought my first, very own camera.
I discovered a hidden part of myself and had the best time of my life at Festinord.
I got a job.
I posted my first video on YouTube.
I wrote a script.
I traveled to Denmark.
I started writing music again.
I dyed my hair ginger.
I started working on a super secret project.
I let people read my writing.
I reached 800 followers on instagram.
I found friends.
I learned that I matter.
I quit my job, and everything else that made me miserable.
I painted my soul to life.
I REALLY celebrated my birthday (and didn't cry).
I had an incredible Christmas and New Year's eve.

Just by scrolling down my instagram feed I can go through so many emotions and remember so many memories. I've been happy and sad and you've been there following my journey and supported me through the struggles and cheered me on when I've felt on top of the world.

Thank you for being a part of my life! It's moments like these that make up the grand story of our lives.

Happy New Year!


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