Morning routine for a productive day

Every morning is a clean slate, and therefore it's an awesome idea to get as much out of your mornings, so that the rest of your day can be just as productive. Do you want to finally fulfill that dream of yours? Or just get your homework done in the morning so that you can do the fun stuff after school? These are my tips on how to wake up early and be productive as soon as your head leaves the pillow.

I've been testing different things out for some weeks now, since I've had my study break and stuff, so I think I know at least slightly what I'm talking about. The thing is, though, that everything doesn't work for everyone. But these are things that I've done that have worked for me. And I can guarantee that at least one of these will change your life.

(Of course, you have to change the times you wake up depending on when you have to leave for school or work, because all of our lives are so different)

07:00 wake up

When I wake up, I don't snooze. No matter how much I want to, I don't do it. I can lay in bed for a few minutes more just to write a dream I've had in my dream journal, or to add something to my TO-DO list (which I always write the night before. More about that here). Then I stretch or jump around to wake up completely, and head for the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.

07:10 work on a project

This could be a drawing, my novel or this blog, but the important thing is to do one productive thing before breakfast. By accomplishing something already this early in the morning, you take a lot of pressure off yourself. I've found that I don't procrastinate half as much as I used to, because I've already been productive that day, and can still feel that dopamine in my body telling me that it feels AMAZING to do things, so I just want to keep doing.

Another reason to work on a project in the morning is that it's quieter, and therefore a lot easier to just focus on yourself and your art or school work. It's also extremely effective if you feel like you have too little time. A lot of people dream of writing a book, but use their busy lives as an excuse. But with a program called write or die, you can force yourself to write 500 words in 15 minutes, and that could be the only writing you did, but you'd still have a solid first draft in less than a year. So stop with the excuses and use your mornings effectively!

07:35 have breakfast

This is pretty self explanatory. But don't go for sugary things that will just give you cravings later on and disturb your productiveness in the day. Eating eggs in the morning keeps you full longer and gives you lots of protein. Eggs also help with brain development and memory, which is awesome if you're going to be at school all day learning things. With some practice, you may even become an omelet master like me, and learn to make a healthy breakfast in only five minutes. Leaves a lot of time for more fun things, yay!

After eating, I dress and attempt to something to my lion mane of hair, but then give up and just look like I belong in the jungle for the rest of the day. If you are good at make up and not a horrible mess like me, reserve some time for that. You might have to wake up earlier, but you've got to suffer a little to be beautiful, right?

At 08:00 I need to be ready to start my day by working out and then working on my business, learning new things and enjoying my life. I am just starting out my business right now while also writing on my fantasy novel every day, so my routines may differ from someone who is in school or has a day job. But whatever you do with your life, remember to use your time effectively and take small steps toward your dreams every day.

Have a wonderful day,

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