Pain, anxiety and finding motivation

These last few days have been what I call lazy days—though I really shouldn't. Since Sunday morning, my ribs and my shoulder has been hurting almost constantly. First I thought it was because I'd been writing so much last week, but now I suspect that it might be something worse. Because of this, I haven't been able to force myself to write, and then hated myself for it.

As creators, we need to stand up for ourselves when nobody else will. We have to believe in ourselves and reward ourselves, because there are times when we're completely alone.

I need to love myself more, not only when I'm fine, but especially when I'm not--and so should you. Making excuses won't help anyone, but neither will relentlessly blaming yourself for things you can't control.

Stay strong. You're never alone as long as you stay connected to your fellow writers and your characters. Stories will always be there for you. ♡

I hope you're all healthy, happy and inspired.

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