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As snow falls on the carved mountainside, veins of ice drifting down to rugged forests and grassy plains, Emery is prepared to leave everything she has ever known behind her. The fire within her can’t be controlled, and she is sick of running in the pitch black night and hiding on rooftops every day.

The gods are said to be dead. What once was seen as a gift, is now a curse. 
And with a Norian king on the throne, no gifted Aruel is safe.

The end of humanity is near. It can be seen in the raging seas and 
wrathful storms. Meanwhile, Norians paint glaciers red with Aruel blood, 
believing it will bring them the favor of the gods—an end to the hunger, 
the bloodshed and the suffering.

Emery has spent her life running from the king's men and hiding the 
fire in her Aruel blood. She crosses the border of Noriannd, but even then, 
there are too many ghosts following her. As the kingdom's secrets become 
unraveled, dark creatures rise forth to bring death upon them. Disease and 
black smoke spread through the lands. 

Emery is humanity's final breath. The last flame in the darkness.

She will set the world on fire, and then she'll watch it burn.

Two families, both fighting for the throne,
In Noriannd, a kingdom less than a battlefield,
From god-blessed fire to blood-cursed bone,
Where souls set flames to the Blue Boar's shield.
From a bleeding heart, made into a lover,
A pair of rusting crowns, waiting for fire,
Whole malicious plots to slaughter each other,
Do with their heirs bury their desire.

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