My Book

 I'm writing a new book, currently called Project Sea Legs!

On this page you'll find any information that I'm sharing at this point in time. This project is currently in the Drafting Phase. My goal is to have this novel's first draft finished by August 2023, where after lots and lots of revisions will most likely ensue :) 

It's a sort of Ocean Punk Fantasy story about heisting pirates set in a the Arctic of a world with 18th century technological advancements and fashion, and it also features Nordic mythology inspired monsters and gods (because it wouldn't be a story written by me if it didn't have a Nordic twist, would it?). 

I think it's really cool, and although its biggest purpose right now is to bring me joy, I hope you'll maybe get to read it some day. 

If you have any questions, you may post them below and perhaps I might even answer them... 

But to end this little segment, here's a mood board type thing :)

images plucked from: Project Sea Legs Pinterest Board

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