Best tools for writers

There are lots of helpful tools and resources for writers online, and sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect ones for you. From word processors to goal trackers, here are the best free tools for writers.

When you don't feel the least inspired to write, this app makes you write. You can either download the app, or use the site and write (or die) for free. I use this every time  don't want to write and it helps so much. If you want to be a writer, you've got to write!
I discovered this only recently, and made an entire instagram post about how much I love it. It has helped me get organized with my scenes and chapters, and even my characters. yWriter is my favorite writing software and word processor. I know most people love and use scrivener, but I prefer yWriter because it's simpler, completely free and has just what I need and nothing more, nothing less.

I found this Tumblr blog some years ago when I searched for words that describe hair and skin color, and have used it as a resource ever since. It's so helpful and amazing. You have to check it out!

This is the place where I backup my writing, but also the tool I use for beta reading and critiquing. You can do so many things and I can't even explain all of the features I love here. You might just get an entire blog post about it in the near future... 

Another backup tool, but also AMAZING for note-taking, to-do lists and just a great place to keep all your research in the same place.
Like Evernote, but doesn't synchronize as quickly with all your devices. I don't really have a favorite because I use both almost daily. You can decide yourself which you like best.

A source of inspiration, quotes, bookstagrammers and an incredibly awesome writing community. I've been on instagram for about three years now and it's been so much fun to get to know other writers and be inspired by their journeys and pictures. You can share your own writing and get feedback and support--I just couldn't do this without some of the amazing people I've met on there. 

Instagram is where I do most of my connecting, but you may choose some other social media like pinterest (which I've started using a lot lately for gathering inspiration for my stories. But beware, there's a risk you'll become obsessed), facebook or twitter. Just find your squad of book-people somewhere, and you'll never regret it! 

I hope you end up checking out some of these tools and resources and then telling me what you use to make the writing struggle a bit easier. I'd love to hear your tips and see if there's something I've missed :) And of course, go and look at my free resources for writers!

Happy writing!!

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